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"I hold a profound love for Provence, a land I've thoroughly explored. Every corner here sparks unwavering affection, reflected in my art. Capturing Provence's soul is no easy feat. One must tread like a wolf to unveil its unique intimacy with landscapes, charming villages, and vibrant traditions. Through my work on light and shadows, I aim to capture this region's essence with my brushes."


The window is the transition from the outside to the inside, or the other way around. It's always the connection between two worlds. I attempt to capture the superposition of three components in my paintings: the heat, the shadows, and the freshness. The color blue embodies the potential of all three elements. Furthermore, windows offer us a view of disordered reflections on the glass, allowing us to glimpse the unseen side.


Marseille is my Mediterranean anchorage, the blue sky, the mottled shadows on the ground, and above all the port in the city with its forest of masts. 


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